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vrf Serial Port Interaction

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 28, 2003
AB> I took as him being a softie

Oh man, I'm BUSTED!

RW> I thought our boy Shawn can touch type

That much is true. They made me take typing in high school before they would
let me touch the computer. Silly humans!

JD> He has you all fooled.

Oh man! I am *so* BUSTED.

JD> I haven't worked out what "Fessenden" stands for; maybe
JD> "Fantasy Engineering System Support Engineer"..

Hey! I like that! Hmmm... I think I'll use that as my new title. Thanks

> Is Shawn really a computer?

It's NOT true! I SWEAR! Centuries ago I asked the Blue Fairy to make me a
real boy. Thank god she was a woman, or I wouldn't have asked. Then I woke
up... no, wait. That was a movie. Or was it? Hey, wait a minute. If that
wasn't a movie then....

                          YOU GUYS ARE THE ALIENS!

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