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vrf VEE and USB

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 8, 2003
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2005 by VRFuser
Hi Ralf,

if you need USB only on PC side for instrument control, there are USB-GPIB interfaces available, e.g.

Agilent 82357
National Instruments GPIB-USB-B

Advantage: You can use the same VEE code and instrument drivers for instrument control over USB or over GPIB directly.

Best Regards
Thomas Berger
Nokia GmbH, Ulm, Germany

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Hello all,

i know there was sometime before an info about, if vee supports USB, but i can't
find it.
Can tell me somebody, if vee 6.2 supports USB? I'vee seen on the web, that the
IO Libraries Version M.01.00 supports USB, but does vee it also, or must i wait
for version 7?


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