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vrf VRF running HPVEE twice

Question asked by rsb on Mar 26, 2003
<> wrote:
> Hello,
> a customer of us wishes to run the hpvee appclication twice. Each application
> with a serial interface RS232. How should I procedure ??
> One installation on hard disc c: and the other on d:, because during the
> second installation I get the information hpvee is already installed.
> The application stores the COM configuration, so I can't run the same
> application twice from the same source.

Not completely sure but here's what it _sounds_ like you are trying to do:

You have some VEE program that you want o be able to run twice
at the same time, with 2 different IO configs for the COM settings.
You find a problem in that just running the code always accesses
the same IO file so same IO settings. Hence both instances of
the executable have same settings.

And you figure that by installing twice you can get around this.

If this undertanding is correct then you have a very simple way
to proceed!

First of all one installation can run any number of VEE sessions.

Second, there are multiple ways that you can have different IO
(1) each program can store its own IO setup (see option on the Save
(2) you can store IO setups in external files and access them
     at run time with command-line option:

usage: vee [options]

--custom_option - passed through to the user's program
-d <directory> - set the install directory
-geometry - set the initial window geometry
-help - print this message
-iconic - start up the window minimized
-maximize - start up the window maximized
-noerrdisp - don't display the errors (use with -r)
-nologo - don't show the copyright/Logo box
-r <filename> - load and run a program file
-secure <filename> - create secured program
-veeio <filename> - use veeio info from this file
<filename> - load a program file

   So in your case   the -veeio option would allow you to easily
   start the same VEE program multiple times with different IO setups.

  (3) IO can be dynamically set from within your program.
   see Function and object Browser | instrumenst | Serial
   or use inputs to your IO objects.

Bottom line:

Most likely you are taking the wrong approach to try and meet
the need. One install is all you need.



Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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