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vrf Parsing C Header Files: VPP

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 28, 2003
No, I didn't forget.

Wow! I can't believe it's been a month already. My most humble apologies for
not getting this out yet. I got some really really paying work though, and
when people start waving cash at me I tend to drop whatever I'm doing and
follow the carrot.

Phase one of project two will be complete Sunday night, and after
adjustments Monday morning (I really do function in the morning - though it
does take a bit of caffeine) the first thing I'll do is finish up VPP and
post it Tuesday or Wednesday (9/2 9/3).

I also have another goody to pass along RE: saving/restoring an installed
VEE environment for the purpose of evaluating a new version. This will not
clash with VPP but it may clash with phase two of project two, so it could
be later than next weekend before it makes it out (9/6 9/7).

Also, theoretically project three will launch during next week (9/7) but
that's been on the launching pad for a few months now and hasn't really gone
anywhere yet except for the installation & configuration of hardware.
Project three isn't really that intense so even if it does go I don't
anticipate it interfering with VPP.

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