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vrf vrf E-Cal error on the 8753ES

Question asked by carnahal on Aug 28, 2003


We had received a similar error to the one you describe with the PNA and
E-Cal. I believe the error I received was E-Cal not detected. The suggestion
Joel had in his earlier e-mail is the solution we took. It was related to a
low power calibration and the loss through our RF fixturing. The E-Cal was
able to auto-detect which test port was connected to the E-Cal ports. I
turned auto port orientation off and set the mapping to how our software was
set to connect to the E-Cal. The error went away and we haven't had a
problem since.


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Subject: [vrf] vrf E-Cal error on the 8753ES

I've come up with an issue having to do with the E-Cal & the 8753ES. I'm
getting the following error even when the E-Cal module IS connected during a
It then does not finish the calibration (but also will not lock up the
This appears to be happening only when sending the automated commands to
perform an E-Cal as when I try to calibrate manually through the Analyzer's
front panel it never happens. I have example code attached. If anyone can
tell me what I'm doing wrong or maybe it's a bug in the 8753 firmware?
By the way I appreciate Agilent's direction in allowing E-Cal to be
implimented on the 8753, it is a real time saver and I'm getting positive
feed-back from the Tech's who are now using it.
Thank You,

Rick Hart

Superconductor Technologies Inc.


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