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vrf Serial Direct I/O object randomly returning error 811

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 22, 2003
Bill Ossmann,

I know that. I will not use MatLab.
Is there anybody how can build the inverse of the erf ?

Thx, Stefan



If you are running VEE 6.0 or higher, the Matlab function erfinv(x) will
calculate the inverse error function.

Bill Ossmann
Philips Ultrasound


I need help.
I will calculate the "inverse of the complementary error function". But
I have only a formula for the normal error function (erf) and the
complementary error function (erf_c).

I know: inv_erf(1-X)=inv_erf_c(X)
How can I convert erf to the inv_erf ???
Can you send me a formula ???

If you have a formula, you can check it: inv_erf_c(1E-9) = 4.32

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