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vrf VEE license failure after setting clock

Question asked by rsb on Oct 27, 2003
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2003 by rsb
<> wrote:
> I was writing a program that makes a day report on midnight.
> Easiest way to debug was to set system clock to just before midnight and see
> what happens.
> After system clock was set back to origin time I saw a message that I have a
> licensing problem.
> Flexible License Manager says VEE license failed because system clock has been
> set back.
> Now I am not able to start VEE. Re-installing doesn't help.
> Am I able to get my VEE 6.1 working somehow or do I have to go to Agilent?

I imagine the VEE team will have better amswer- but this is a FlexLM
issue that was very common back in Y2K-testing days.

Since Flex (which does the VEE licensing) is time based an obvious
gambit to avoid an expiring license is to simply set the system
clock backwards. Flex figures this out- as you have found.

Are you sure you set the clock back just a few minutes like
you describe and didn't accidentally change years or whatnot?

In any case if this is like the Y2K days then you may have files
with future timestamps on them. Try using a time based "search"
looking for files on your system that exist in the future. If you find
some then you need to reset the timestamps on them to the present.
Reinstall of VEE would make no difference in this case.



Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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