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vrf AW: ActiveX question

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 18, 2003

one way is to use two different 'Object Variables'
for your two excel-files. You can then easily switch
between both files:

set ExcelApp1=CreateObject("excel.application");"FileA.xls");
set ExcelApp2=CreateObject("excel.application");"FileB.xls");


Hope this helps

Rolf Neumann
TriQuint Europe GmbH

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> Betreff: [vrf] ActiveX question
> I'm making some progress working with ActiveX and Excel.  My
> question is
> this.  I have 2 Excel files that I need to open.  File A, and
> file B.  Then
> I need to transfer/copy a range of cells from sheet 1 of fileA, to a
> different starting point on a different sheet of fileB.
> Example: Copy from sheet1.fileA, range
> (row2Col1..........row20col10)  to
> sheet3.fileB, range starting at row100Col5.  I can open both
> FileA, and
> fileB, but I cannot figure out how to actually activate the
> 2nd excel file
> sheet.  I tried a quick example of just trying to read cells
> from both that
> didn't work. But I can't figure out how to activate or switch
> from a sheet
> in one file to a sheet in another file.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Tom Mitchell
> Autoliv AEA

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