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vrf MS Access problem

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 26, 2003

Hi Mike,
      Thanks for the offer, but have solved my little problem.

The problem was due to our MIS department define a new workgroup
administrator file. (.mdw).
This caused a problem as it assigned security levels.
To access the database, the following code was used.

resultsTable (Declared) Recordset.
mdb (Declared) Database.
DBENG (Declared) DBEngine.

SET DBENG=createObject("DAO.DBEngine.35");
Set mdb = DBENG.WORKSPACES(0).OpenDatabase(mdbFileSpec,False , False);
Set resultsTable = mdb.OpenRecordSet("qEnduranceTestData",dbOpenDynaset)

Maybe this will help somebody one day!


Gavin Candy.

Quality Engineer.
BHC Components Ltd
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Granby Industrial Estate

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                      M Watts
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                                               Subject:  [vrf] MS Access problem
                      26/03/03 15:51

Hi Gavin,
         Thanks for checking out my website - and for your comments.

I tried a few ideas based on your e-mail but, assuming there is a database
file at c:EnduranceTest.mdb, there is a table called TestDetails and that
you have exclusive rights to the database and table ( i.e. that you can
open them without having to give access to others ) I'm not sure what the
problem is.  If you want to mail me an example ( suitably 'sanitised' such
that there is no sensitive data ) I'd be happy to have a quick look to see
if I can replicate the problem you see.

Mike Watts

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