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vrf Agilent 33120A error

Question asked by michael.asbery on Sep 11, 2003
I believe your error is that the direct IO object times out if the command
does not finish in under 5 seconds.  Look at the advanced properties of the
33120 in your instrument manager and increase the timeout value to 30 sec or
whatever is needed to get the commands to complete.  Alternately, you can
add a timeout control pin to the DirectIO object and define a timeout value
for that individual object.

Hope this helps,

Mike Asbery

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Please look at attached VEE program and .txt file.

VEE Runtime Error as follows:

I/O error or timeout occured

Object: HP33120A

VEE error # 811

All I am trying to do is copy the floating point elements of the junk.txt
file to an array (in FROM FILE transaction) and then to the VOLATILE memory
of the 33120A (in the HP33120A object transaction).  The error occurs at
transaction 1 of the HP33120A object.

I could do this with a smaller file (1156 elements in the array).  No

Any insight would be appreciated.

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