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vrf UDP connections

Question asked by ptarso on Jul 1, 2003
Well if it's a true BMP format bitmap, then you'll see a 24 byte header
followed by some number of bytes of data. The header is:

typedef struct tagBITMAP {
  LONG   bmType;
  LONG   bmWidth;
  LONG   bmHeight;
  LONG   bmWidthBytes;
  WORD   bmPlanes;
  WORD   bmBitsPixel;
  LPVOID bmBits;

The number of bytes of data is bmWidth * bmHeight * bmBitsPixel / 8. If it's
NOT a BMP bitmap then you'll have to find it's format in your instrument
manual. Unless some kind of compression is used it will always be a specific
number of bytes. If the scope is monochrome then most probably it's 1 bit
per pixel.

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