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vrf VEEsion 2003 - Themen

Question asked by jvera on Mar 20, 2003
Hi Vee User,

yesterday, Agilent and Meilhaus Electronic hold a VEE User conference with
over 80 VEE Users from Germany.

Some Developer from Agilent (Loveland USA) describe the new version of VEE
Pro 6.2
coming out in the early summer this year.

The product is not finished yet, but they get many input from the German
VEE Users.

You see more the next months.


Dietmar Sperling
Meilhaus Electronic
Agilent Channel Partner Germany

Hi everybody,

The link below announces a new VEE version 6.2

Did anybody hear about it?


Juan Vera

<<VEEsion 2003 - Themen.url>>

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