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vrf Best way to find a Task/Process ID in Windows 2000

Question asked by reiner.schlieker on Aug 4, 2003
I've just come back from vacation, and I've finished reading thru 114 vrf
emails!  I just wanted to say that I'm glad Shawn took the deserving credit
for this excellent program.  I think I may have reposted it for somebody in
the past, and maybe that's how my name got attached to it...


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> Of all of them, I like ProcessView.vee posted by
> Reiner Schlieker last September.

That thar was mine too. I ken tell 'cause it's way more complicated than it
needs to be   Not to mention that it keeps looking for bitmaps on D. I've
since solved that problem. I've since discovered better ways to farkle
strings & bytes too. The actual reason I started doing all this was simply
to make a PE file header decoder, but as I didn't have anything else to do
at the time I got carried away. This is a universal viewer - it'll work on
any version of Windows from 3.1 to the latest.

Somehow something got lost though. The treeview in Main should be named tv -
it came through as ComObject. Don't know why. At any rate, thanks for the
reposting. I lost this in the Christmas Crash & had forgotten about it.

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