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vrf Round Off Accuracy Problem

Question asked by mark.goldberg on Oct 8, 2003
OK I take it back, It was more complicated then I imagined. Thanks to all
who replied, they all helped. The application is a 7 Axis positioning system
for antenna measurement and the 26009.6 represents the number of pulses
needed to move 1 degree. With the Real32 rounded to 4 Places it gives a
.0004 error. Which does not seem like much, but when at 355 degrees it
becomes 0.142 degrees of slop.  After doing the math to make sure I was not
going overboard, the error generates a measurement error greater than 3
times the measurement tolerance allowed for the part being measured. I will
play around with the variations and see how close I can really get. Special
thanks to Scott for that "Shawn like" dissertation. Made it very clear for
us dumb RF types that don't speak binary very often and especially when we
don't have to.

Shawn, the "Shawn like" reference is a good thing, and glad you are there to
support all of us!

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