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vrf X-Y PLOT

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 5, 2003
Greetings Gonzalo,

In the "Properties" of the X vs. Y plot box, click on the "Number"
tab and under "X:X Name", uncheck the "Global Format" box. Now you
can change the format to "Time Stamp" and select the way you would
like it displayed. It's a little awkward (compared to Excel plots)
but it does work. You can also go to the "Scales" tab and adjust
the label spacing so it looks better.

I hope this is what you were asking.

Mike Groves

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Hello all:

I was wondering if anyone of you has a way to plot an x-y plot when the x
plot is made of discrete time points...the attached program is a shortened
version of what I am doing, copy the dataset record and modify the path to
it in VEE...the first problem I encounter was that the x-y plot object only
accepts real inputs so I modified my time data points from HH:MM:SS to is not an elegant way to tell the customer the time in which
the measurement was made but it works...this solution however has the
inconvinience of only working for 24 hours...given that at midnight the data
points will move back to the begining of the chart and perhaps erase a
previous data point....

Is there any other object to plot graphs that can take time as x-axis???
Will it handle more than 24 hour measurements???

Thanks in advance for your help



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