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vrf ActiveX Excel Worksheet.Move(After)

Question asked by g.nied on Aug 15, 2003

you try to move an excel sheet with the function

the [] brackets indicate that the argument is optional but to leave out a
leading argument is not possible from vee. You can use s.move(sheet(1)) to
move sheet s before the first sheet but you cannot use s.move(,sheet(1)) to
move s behind the first one. One solution would be to implement your need
inside a VBA macro and call that macro from vee or to build a workaround.
In case you just want to insert a specific amount of worksheets and rename
them in a specific way you may act in two steps: first insert as many sheets
as you need. Next loop over each sheet and rename it.
You can use a 'for count' loop with a control input for the 'count'. Feet
the formula result of '...worksheets.count()' (=N) to the control input.
That loops from i=0 to N-1. Then feed the output to the formula
'...worksheets(i+1).name='Datasheet "+(i+1)' to rename them.

Hope that helps,

best regards,

G. Nied

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