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vrf Getting date-time from database field via DAO

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 1, 2003
<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"><html>Hello Andrew,
Below is what I reported as an error in Vee for about a year ago. Thishas been accepted as a bug an should have been corrected in Vee 6.1.<p><i>We have noticed an odd behaviour of Agilent Vee Pro 6.01 and 6.03,which is in the same problem area as earlier reported by Barrie Walden.It is about writing and reading date/time to/from Excel via ActiveX whenDate/Time property Daylight saving is applied.</i>
<i>Use now()->asVariantDate() -> ActiveXWrite,</i>
<i>If you are in GMT zone or GMT +zones and Daylight saving is appliedthe time written to Excel has an offset of 2 hours. When the previouslywritten time is read back it shows correct time in an AlphaNumeric withTimeStamp property. I.e Vee subtracts/adds 2 hours to time. This can alsobe seen when you read a time that already exists in a Workbook.</i><i></i><p><i>But the time is written correctly if Daylight saving is off.</i>
<i> </i>
<i>What it makes even more odd is that when you are in GMT zones thetime is written correctly both when Daylight saving is applied and off.(12-hour clock?)</i><i></i><p><i>When you change the Date/Time property Daylight saving while repeatedlywriting date/time you will notice it wont take effect until a minute shiftoccurs.</i><i></i><p><i>This has been observed on Win2000 and Win98 machines.</i><p>Svante Sundelin<p>Rationell Teknik och Management AB
Nytorpsvägen 24
Box 1723 Täby
08 544 710 50
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