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vrf File names (again)

Question asked by VRFuser on May 11, 2003
Hi Barrie,

I don't see this behaviour on Windows NT, Vee Pro 6.03.
That is I get long filenames on all operations you describe.
So maybe it would help to upgrade to Vee 6.03,
as you seem to have version 6.01.
6.03 should be somewhere on Agilents web site, maybee on ADN,
which is here
It seems to be hard to find, so maybe you need to contact
the VEE support.


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> From: Barrie Walden []
> Sent: Saturday, May 10, 2003 18:31
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> Subject: [vrf] File names (again)
> Once again I can't run most of my Vee applications because of a
> previously reported 8.3 program and directory naming problem.  Vee
> (development and run_time) has decided to use the 8.3 convention and
> therefore directory names such as "Program Files" and
> application names
> such as "DataCollector.vxe" are no longer valid.  I would
> probably be OK
> except functions such as ProgramName( ) return the wrong information;
> when my code tries to access a file in a directory specified by
> dirName(ProgramName()), I get an "Invalid Directory Name"
> error (#713).
> Non-Vee applications running on this machine work correctly
> and there is
> no sign of 8.3 naming problems.  I can develop a new application, save
> it as "Long_Name_Test.vee" and test it without difficulty
> until I leave
> the application and then reload it by clicking on the file name in its
> directory.  At that time I get "Vee Pro - LONG_N~1.VEE" (all caps) at
> the top left of the development screen and, of course, the application
> no longer runs correctly.  If I open a development window and then
> select the correct file from the "File" list, the application will run
> correctly (assuming the list has a "good" copy - "bad" copies are also
> listed).
> Last time I had this problem it mysteriously corrected
> itself.  No such
> luck this time although I have tried the obvious things including
> restarting the computer.
> As you can imagine, this is a serious problem since many of
> my existing
> programs won't run. Looking back at my previous messages on
> this subject
> (early April) I see that one has more detail than what I
> provided above
> so I have copied it below.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
> Barrie
> April 3rd message:
> This is getting serious - many of my applications won't run
> because they
> can't find associated files.  Here's the problem again but with a few
> more details:
> For some reason Vee is having difficulties with file names have a base
> greater than 8 characters long.  Other applications on my machine act
> normally.  As a example, if I save an application as
> "Long_File_Name.vee" it is saved in the appropriate directory as
> "Long_File_Name.vee" but, when reopened with Vee, the window header
> says: "Vee Pro - LONG_F~1.VEE" and the application name listed above
> "Main" in the program explorer is also "LONG_F~1.VEE".  If I save the
> file the correct long name is used but if I select "Save as" the
> displayed default value is the shortened version and it will
> be used if
> I don't change it.  Also, the short version is the default for "Create
> RunTime Version".  If I save a runtime version by correcting
> the default
> short name to the long version I get a file named "Long_File_Name.vxe"
> as expected.  When I run this file the the panel window title is
> "LONG_F~1".  More importantly, many of my programs use a read a
> configuration file having the same name as the primary file but with a
> ".cfg" extension.  Needless-to-say, there is no
> "LONG_F~1.cfg" file and
> my application fails.
> This isn't the only hard spot; any part of my programs that rely on
> knowledge of the application's name or path will have
> trouble.  This is
> because the Vee function ProgramName( ) returns
> "C:PROGRA~1AgilentVEE6~1.01LONG_F~1.vxe".
> At this point I have reinstalled VeeRun and Vee 6.01 without
> correcting
> this problem.  It must be a setting somewhere within Win2000 but
> apparently, only Vee knows about it.
> For what its worth, I feel this is the type of question I
> should be able
> to ask Agilent and they should be able to answer it in a
> heartbeat.  Its
> another case similar to my timezone problem which persisted for over a
> year.
> Barrie
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