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vrf Excel ActiveX problem

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 12, 2001
Thanks for the help.

I have one small problem left, actually I have two.

First problem:
When excel starts up, and the sheets are created the "save as" buttom is
crayed out the only thing I can do if I want to save the sheet from excel is
to select "Save copy as"

I know there is a method to save the sheets from VEE, but I would like to be
able to save the sheets from Excel.

Second problem:
If I close down VEE after the sheets have been created, Excel closes as
well, how do I avoid this.

Thanks in advance

Kenth Jensen

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Hi Kenth,

you have to specify the sheet like:


Best regards

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<< Datei: vee-excel.vee >> Hi

Im having some problems with the attached program.

Im adding one sheet extra sheet in excel, but I cant control what sheet im
writing in.

I try to select the sheet I want to write in before I start writing, but it
writes in the wrong sheet.

How do I control this.

Im using Excel ver 97.

Kenth Jensen

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