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Question asked by bwalden on Mar 18, 2003

I'm getting all my text transactions output at the same time after a
delay equal to the sum of all the "wait" transactions.  If EOL is "on",
the output is an array of the individual transaction text items.  If EOL
is "off", all the items are concatenated into a single long string.

"Schlieker, Reiner" wrote:
> Barrie,
> You sound as if frustration has set in.  I don't know how much I can help
> you, but I'll add my two cents worth anyway...
> -----Original Message-----

> Subject: [vrf] Simple things (?)
> I hate it when I can't do simple things simply.  How do you folks handle
> the following?

> 2) I need to send numerous simple text commands to an instrument with a
> short pause between commands (no return data expected) -  exactly what
> you would expect alternating "Write text"/"Wait" transactions in a
> "To_String" object to do.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work that
> way which makes me wonder about the intended purpose of the "wait"
> transaction in the first place.  Am I missing something or do you all
> use 20 or 30 independent "to_string" objects to accomplish this simple
> task?
> >I'm not sure what problem you are having here.  In my experience, a wait
> transaction works the same as an I/O transaction box and a delay object.
> What behaviour are you seeing?

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