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vrf Long file names - Fixed(?)

Question asked by bwalden on May 12, 2003
Hi folks,

I have been able to restore my Vee development and run-time
installations such that they no longer have problems with long file
names.  I know what I did but I don't know why it worked and I don't
know how I got the problem in the first place.  I fixed it by opening
"Control Panel/Folder Options/File Types" and looking at the entries for
.vee and .vxe.  In both cases I obtained a notification indicating that
there was something non-standard about the way in which these files were
to be handled.  Unfortunately I didn't write down the message before
clicking on "OK" when it asked if I wanted to correct the situation.
Apparently, "correcting the situation" solved my problem since long file
names have worked correctly for the past two days.

I still have no idea where this problem came from and, in the past, it
has corrected itself only to re-appear at a later time.  If I see it
again, I'll be more careful about recording the operating system


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