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vrf SMTP Mail Example

Question asked by VRFuser on May 13, 2003
Well I spent far too long looking at this - considering the example is from
Agilent I have to say that the layout was very messy and therfore difficult
to get around - it certainly would not have been allowed out of my
'workshops'!  Anyway, it is pretty neat, not needing any ActiveX or other
fancy stuff, just good ol' sendmail ( or qmail, as I think my ISP uses ),
and I am sure I will use it at some point.

I did have some problems with it though and I think I have the solution:
the 'bare linefeed'.  According to some convention ( presumably for
security reasons, but that is way beyond me ) you are not allowed these
i.e. a newline/linefeed which is not preceeded by a carraige return.

Solution is easy - in all of the socket transaction boxes change the
Properties->Data Format to use "
" instead of the default "
Further, for the body of the message ( which is an array ) you need to
change the array separator to the same entry.

Hope someone finds that of help.

Mike Watts


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