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vrf Multi programs input

Question asked by brian-tn_chi on Oct 28, 2003
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<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"><HTML><HEAD><META content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" http-equiv=Content-Type><META content="MSHTML 5.00.2920.0" name=GENERATOR><STYLE></STYLE></HEAD><BODY background="" bgColor=#ffffff><DIV><FONT color=#000080 face=Verdana size=2>All,</FONT></DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV><FONT color=#000080 face=Verdana size=2>I am having trouble with an Agilent 4419 power meter responding very slowly.</FONT></DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV><FONT color=#000080 face=Verdana size=2>I would like to trigger the meter and have it send the result to me after the measurement is complete. By observing the display I can see that the measurement is stable almost instantly after changing power levels however, if I use either READ or MEAS the meter responds ~6 seconds later, which is way too slow. Is this normal for the 4419 or am I doing something wrong?</FONT></DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV><FONT color=#000080 face=Verdana size=2>If I use FETCH the meter responds immediately. The trouble is, FETCH will get whatever reading is currently displayed even if the power meter isn't done making the measurement. I would rather not play around with arbitrary delay times before fetching results and would very much like to get this thing working the right way. Any suggestions?</FONT></DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV><FONT color=#000080 face=Verdana size=2>Thanks,</FONT></DIV><DIV><FONT color=#000080 face=Verdana size=2>Bill</FONT></DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV><FONT color=#000080 face=Verdana size=2>================================================<BR>William J. Drago, Consultant<BR>Automatic Test, Data Acquisition, Motion Control<BR><A href=""></A><BR>================================================</FONT></DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV> </DIV>---<BR>You are currently subscribed to vrf as:<BR>To subscribe send a blank email to "".<BR>To unsubscribe send a blank email to "".<BR>To send messages to this mailing list,  email "".  <BR>If you need help with the mailing list send a message to "".</BODY></HTML>