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vrf missing pictures

Question asked by ie on Dec 4, 2002
I am using Vee 6.01.

I am displaying some .jpgs using the display-pictures function.  I am finding that although it works on my fairly new Pentium 4 machine with win2000, some other machines in the company which are older (and sometimes Pentium 3/win 98) do not reliably display the .jpgs and the display area just remains grey on screen.  This is particularly the case if the PC in question is sending a previous screen to the printer.  It is as if the PC is busy with the transfer of data over the network to the printer and ignores the display-picture function.  As far as the Vee programme is concerned it has completed the display-picture box but nevertheless there is no .jpg displayed!  I have found that adding a 10 second delay in after a print screen command overcomes the problem on most machines but the older ones are still not displaying reliably.  I could keep increasing the delay until all machines here are displaying correctly, but I wondered if anyone had a more elegant solution.

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