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vrf Importing Libraries help

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 11, 2003
I have a problem that I can't figure out.  I have 2 programs that I am
working on. Program A has a group of functions that I want to re-use in
program B.  I have a test box on a USB port that I'm trying to use.  The
test box functions properly (I'm able to call all of my functions which are
ActiveX controls).  But when I try to call the same functions in program B,
the box doesn't work.

In program A, it looks like the box appears as it is 0x03b3e0c8, and when I
call it in program B, it shows up as 0x087Ae0c8.  Does this mean that the
activeX sessions are not the same and my program B cannot find the box as
it is called as an imported function?

I could copy and past all of the functions from program A into program B,
but there are many functions to copy.  Any other ideas?


Tom Mitchell
Autoliv AEA

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