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vrf VXI registerbased devices over LAN and VISA

Question asked by VRFuser on May 14, 2003
Hi all,
I have to communicate with VXI instruments over LAN. I use a PC as LAN Server.
On Client side I only use VISA VXI pnp driver.
There's no problem using a E1406 Command Module (corresponding SCPI driver
installed). For this config I setup the VISA LAN Client in I/O config.
If I use a E8491 Slot0 device VEE's instrument manager finds the instruments but the
VXI pnp init() call returns 'Resource not found'. So if I understand this, SICL works
(Instrument Finder) and VISA not. To support a VISA-VXI interface over LAN another
interface than VISA LAN Client must be installed. I thought TCPIP LAN client would
be good, but I don't know how to setup the correct INSTR string. The syntax is
TCPIP0 : <Host IP> : <Device Name> : INSTR, but what is the device name (LAddr
or LAddr + InterfaceName or ... ) ? Does anyone know how this string must be setup
I think this string must be referred in the VXI pnp drivers properties, but TCPIP is not
available as interface and the host IP is already configured in the Gateway property.

Has anyone experience or knowledge of that kind of problem ?

Best regards

D 12359 Berlin - Neuklln
Tel.: +49 30 689 05 - 301

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