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vrf HPIB timeouts

Question asked by les_hammer on Sep 26, 2002
> My problem is with HPIB timeouts that happen during instrument
> initialization when the "Reset" option is turned on. This occurs before I
> can set the timeout value with a driver command.
> The timeout value used in the Vee "Instrument Manager" also appears to be
> used only after the initialization takes place, since changing it does not
> change the time that the timeout occurs.

I'm not totally familiar with the ESG, but there are two things you could
try.  First, if you have the source code and C compiler, look for
VI_ATTR_TMO_VALUE in the .c file.  Change the value to the number
of milliseconds needed and recompile.

Option 2.) In VEE's advanced configuration for the ESG, turn off the
"Reset at startup" check box.  This will tell the Plug&Play driver to
not reset when VEE starts.  You can then send the timeout command after
start up, and send a reset to the instrument.

In either case, submit a defect report to Agilent, because this shouldn't
happen.  The drivers should start up in VEE without such problems.

Les Hammer
Complete Test
PO Box 6
Loveland, CO 80539

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