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vrf Bluetooth Testing with ANRITSU MT8850A

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 22, 2003
You can add an error pin to your call then execute clear on the error
and try again.
Not a very clean solution certainly.
This type of error can be caused by a bad IB Cable or a loose
Regards, Gary

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From: Reza Saleh (Ext-User /Bochum)
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Subject: [vrf] Bluetooth Testing with ANRITSU MT8850A

I am a student trainee working with NOKIA and I am learning VEE program
test system development for bluetooth.
I am working on  developing a software with ANRITSU MT 8850A for
testing of our devices. My version of VEE is 6.01

My purpose is to test  the bluetoooth performance in different temp. For
this I need to wait at different temp and then again restart the program

But I found that during the second (after passing the first one well and
waiting for some min.) temperature the program cannot connect the blue
device and generates a message saying connection timeout.
I had the idea that this is due to some error in the HP VEE software we

So I built a small program (please see the attachment) which connects
ANRITSU and again disconnect and connect for continues time. But
unfortunately it was found some times I can make this connect-reconnect
process for 2 times, sometimes for 8 times or sometimes for 20 times and
the end always the message is "no connection made, timed out" and the
program fails to connect.
I tried to increase the "time out " time for reconnecting but the result
remained the same.

Is there any body here using the same ANRITSU for blue tooth testing? if
please can u see whether it performs the same . If possible can u please
give me some idea what I should do to solve this problem.

Reza Saleh

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