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vrf touchstone data transfer over GPIB using HP872X

Question asked by Dr_joel Employee on Oct 1, 2003
> Is it possible in Vee Pro 6.0 to connect to a MySql database


> I was thinking of using odbc

You'll have better luck with ADO or the next generation (.Net - don't know
what it is yet as I'm just getting into this myself).

In VEE, select Device->ActiveX Automation References..., and select
Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.5 (or later) and Microsoft ADO Ext. 2.5 (or
later) for DDL and Security (this library is only necessary if you want to
create tables - not just access them - or use stored procedures).

Use the object browser to check out the libraries. Georg Nied posted a MySql
example back in June - he'll probably send it to you if you ask nice

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