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vrf USB vs. Ethernet instrument control

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 6, 2006
Ethernet interface could be more expensive than USB.
Ethernet instruments will work on older Win NT machines, but not USB.

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De : Griggs, Jon []
Envoyé : 5 septembre 2006 09:34

This facility is currently deeply entrenched in GPIB instruments.

In order to acquire some new features, a new oscilloscope is required in our test stations.

One that is being considered has only USB and Ethernet.

Since it is a test instrument, I believe that there should be no major problem using VEE7 with either interface.


However, I'm interested in the smaller hassles of using either USB or Ethernet.

For example, it looks like if USB is used, every time an instrument is sent out for calibration, the replacement needs to be configured/setup on the PC.

In GPIB land, only the address of the instrument needs to match to be a drop in replacement.

I have not yet figured out how Ethernet would work in a calibration exchange.

If these have the same IP address are they drop in replacements for each other, or is additional configuration required?


Can anyone come up with additional hassles of USB or Ethernet with VEE 7 and VEE 7.52 in a production facility?

Does anyone have a preferred interface out of the two?


Thanks for any information that may be provided


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