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Question asked by reiner.schlieker on Jun 25, 2003
Hello All,

I've just moved a test over from one tester to another, and I'm having
difficulty in getting the runtime to go.  Both .vee and the .vxe work fine
on the one machine, but on the new one, the .vee works fine, but the runtime
gives me an error that a function could not be found (error 517)  I've
written a test executive that loads everything into the test as function
libraries.  I can only assume that it didn't load this particular library,
but it loads the others successfully (otherwise it would be missing other
functions)  I've had trouble in the past when one machine has the libraries
on c: drive and the other on d:, and I don't specify the drive in the import
object, however, one would think that it would have trouble loading all of
the libraries, as they are all loaded at once, from the same directory.  I'm
frustrated because I can't pin down the cause - does anybody have an idea
what might be happening here?


Reiner Schlieker
Test Equipment Designer

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