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Where does Vee write to and read from by default? (was: vrf s tuck good

Question asked by scubaman on Nov 15, 2001

Is that universally true for all versions of Vee?  Specifically, in Vee
6.01, does the last directory used for read or write have no effect at all?
Or is there any program action that may change this behavior?

Richard Kleinhenz

                                         cc:     Richard Kleinhenz/Fishkill/IBM@IBMUS               
                    11/16/2001           Subject:     RE: Where does Vee write to and read from by  
                    02:55 AM              default? (was: vrf s  tuck good with 621 error)           

Hi Richard

VEE reads and writes unless other path specified to the working directory,
and that is the directory from where VEE is started up from.

Kenth Jensen

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