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vrf Finding ActiveX Help Files: Revisited

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 13, 2002
I've been asked why bother doing this when the Function & Object Browser
does it? For instance, select an interface or control for use and then pop
up the F&OB & select the ActiveX catagory. Select just about anything in the
Library or Class windows, click Help and the associated help file opens.

Yes, but not always! I wonder if anybody has noticed that this feature has
been broken for some help files since the introduction of HyperHelp? Select
the common dialogs and try to get help. What you'll get is an error stating:

The C:WINNTHelpcmdlg98.chm file is not a Windows Help file, or the file
is corrupt.

Ok, now from the command line type:

fhf comdlg32.ocx | %comspec%

and the help file opens just fine. That's the point! I suspect this has
probably been fixed in the new versions (for me, that's anything later than
5.01) but if not it should probably go in a fix list. FWIW it's not really a
bug, it's just MS changing the rules.

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