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vrf test data E-mail using ActiveX automation and OUTLOOK97

Question asked by moses.juwillie on Jan 11, 2002
Hello from Gregg C Levine obviously with Jedi Knight Computers
I have downloaded both the NT4, and Win9x versions of the peek&poke
creation that is nominated as an example for controlling lpt ports, and
other ports under VEE, but I have a few question here. And that is: Was
it the intentions of the original author, that the VEE file distributed
inside both the ones for Win9x, and the one for NT4, be the same?
Obviously to make work the example for NT4, a totally different series
of procedures need to be done, as outlined by the documentation within
the compressed file. But that is not necessary for Win9x, so why wasn't
a separate version of the VEE example created?
Gregg C Levine
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