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vrf VEE with .dll's

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 6, 2003
> Is there a way around this problem, without resorting to returning larger
> int types and breaking them down into bytes?

I'm pretty sure I understood correctly, and the answer is one that I can
think of, but it's a funky one. You want to be able to read "char*" back,
but you want to avoid bytes of 0x00 (obviously - 'zero terminated' as it
were). Add 0x01 to the source bytes. You'll have to give up either 255 or 1
as a valid data point.


char* WhateverTheFunctionIs(WhateverTheParametersAre)
  return (char*)Data;
  // becomes:
  return Convert((char*)Data, CountOfData);

inline char* Convert(char* Data, long CountOfData)
  for(; CountOfData >= 0; CountOfData--) {
    if(Data[CountOfData] < 255) Data[CountOfData]++;
  return Data;

It's pretty wordy but it optimizes down to just over a dozen bytes without

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