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vrf Error memory leak

Question asked by g.nied on Dec 16, 2002
Hi Barrie,

> Is there a way for Vee to monitor memory status, which would allow
> signaling the operating system to shutdown and restart the application
> when there is a problem?

Use from Kernel32.dll:
void __stdcall GlobalMemoryStatus (int *MEMORYSTATUS)
with the following structure mapped to an Int32 array (size 8):

        dwLength As Long
        dwMemoryLoad As Long
        dwTotalPhys As Long
        dwAvailPhys As Long
        dwTotalPageFile As Long
        dwAvailPageFile As Long
        dwTotalVirtual As Long
        dwAvailVirtual As Long
End Type

The available virtual memory is the last value (A[7]) of your result
array in Bytes.

Hope it helps,

        Georg Nied
Hansestr.7 - 51149 Cologne

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