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vrf Execute Program (PC)

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 6, 2003

> Sigh! As I final note I suppose I should mention the upcoming change.
> The end of the 32-bit world will soon be upon us, and when that happens
> and VEE goes 64-bit regretfully a lot of the examples I've posted over
> the last

Oh my! That kinda looks like I'm saying I have some kind of insider info.
What I meant is that the Windows world is going 64-bit, and eventually VEE
will be forced to also. I'm sure the change will be at least a few years in
the future, but it will be coming none the less.

Also, I inadvertently left LoadLibs and DelLibs in that version of
GetVersionEx2 that I posted. You may wonder why since they're never called,
and well you may. Spoof replaced 'em both, and they can be deleted. I forgot
to do so.

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