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Question asked by rsb on Oct 21, 2003
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2003 by rsb
Richard Kleinhenz <> wrote:
> I think I have a conceptual problem with matlab (scatter) plots.  Can
> anyone tell me what I am missing?  I supply the same real64 vector to x, y
> and z inputs but matlab complains that the 'matrix dimensions must agree'.
> Ghosh, how much better agreement than the same input can I get?  Same
> problem with surf or similar plots, btw.  I'll attach a short meaningless
> example demonstrating the error, and a jpg of what I want eventually.

Umm- you appear to be using "pcolor" which is not a scatterplot and
doesn't have x,y,z inputs. Check Matlab docs- I believe that you want
to input either a 3D array - pcolor(c) - or 2 vectors and a 2D array
- pcolor(x,y,c). This makes sense since pcolor() creates pseudo-color
plot so would need 2D array for the colors if you separately specify
x and Y.

Did you perhaps intend using a different Matlab function?


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