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vrf /* comments in text file */

Question asked by reiner.schlieker on Nov 24, 2003
Thanks for your response, Mike, even if it's belated...:o)

I have indeed figured it out already, in fact, I had figured it out before I
posted the question, I just wanted to know if I could do it without a loop
(I've really been on a code optimization kick lately, even if there's not
much of a speed issue)

One thing that nobody seemed to pick up on is that I wanted comments to
start with "/*" and end with "*/" so that they could be several lines if
required.  I've got it working fine with a loop, and my limit files are not
long, so the time for processing is minimal.

Thanks again...


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I saw this post a couple of months ago and wanted to comment on it, but I
forgot until I stumbled on it again recently. Processing of string arrays
is indeed supported and can be used to simplify the program that included
the loop. I think the problem Mike ran into is the triadic operator can't
return more than a single result, so another solution needed to be found.
I used a little math that took advantage of the -1 that gets returned if
the delimiter was not found to make it work with the string array. There
might be other solutions, but this is what I came up with.

In your original post, you mentioned a "2D" array. If you need help making
this work with whatever 2D array structure you have, email me directly and
I'm sure we can get it working. Of course, it's been a couple of months, so
you might be well past this part by now.

Mike Groves

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Try this.  Unfortunately, String processing is not supported as a
matrix/vector function, thus a loop was required.


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Subject: [vrf] /* comments in text file */

Hello vrf'ers:

I have a limit file which is simply a text file with info like the following
in it:


This is parsed out into a 2d array.  I want to be able to include comments
in the file, such as

/* a comment here */ ala C.

Has anybody done this? I'd like to have an elegant solution without loops,
if possible.

Thanks for any replies,

Reiner Schlieker
Test Equipment Designer
Siemens Milltronics Process Instruments Inc.
Phone: (705) 740-7553
Fax:     (705) 740-7692

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