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vrf Examples of inserting new records into a MySQL database

Question asked by vpetrone on Nov 24, 2003
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"><HTML><HEAD><META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"><META content="MSHTML 6.00.2800.1276" name=GENERATOR></HEAD><BODY bgColor=#ffffff><DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2><SPAN class=930341017-25112003>Greetings,</SPAN></FONT></DIV><DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2><SPAN class=930341017-25112003></SPAN></FONT> </DIV><DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2><SPAN class=930341017-25112003>I want to migrate from recording test data results in an Access 97 database to a MySQL database.  If anyone has an example of how I can do this I would definitely appreciate a copy.  I have an example of how to read from a MySQL database from a previous post.  I want to insert a new record using VEE.  I am using Windows 98 with VEE 5.01.</SPAN></FONT></DIV><DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2><SPAN class=930341017-25112003></SPAN></FONT> </DIV><DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2><SPAN class=930341017-25112003>Thanks,</SPAN></FONT></DIV><DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2><SPAN class=930341017-25112003>Vincent Petrone</SPAN></FONT></DIV><DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2><SPAN class=930341017-25112003>Engineering Technician</SPAN></FONT></DIV><DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2><SPAN class=930341017-25112003>Kathrein Inc., Scala Division</SPAN></FONT></DIV><DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2><SPAN class=930341017-25112003>Medford, Oregon</SPAN></FONT></DIV><DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2><SPAN class=930341017-25112003><A href=""></A></SPAN></FONT></DIV>---<BR>You are currently subscribed to vrf as:<BR>To subscribe send a blank email to "".<BR>To unsubscribe send a blank email to "".<BR>To send messages to this mailing list,  email "".  <BR>If you need help with the mailing list send a message to "".</BODY></HTML>