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vrf Instrument Manager Configuration

Question asked by rsb on Oct 19, 2001
"MORRISON,SCOTT (A-Sonoma,ex1)" <> wrote:
>      My station variable, 'WORKING', is a record with fields like VNA1,
> VNA2, PM1, PM2, SA1, and SA2.  Actually I use about 20 fields in my variable
> to make sure I can cover all the likely test stations I'll be using.  Each
> of these fields (ie VNA1) is itself a record of fields 'hostname' and
> 'address'.  Each userfunction I write then sends it's commands to the same
> instrument where the hostname and address are set dynamically by referencing
> 'WORKING.VNA1.address' and 'WORKING.VNA1.hostname' or any other inst defined
> in 'WORKING'.  This makes it really easy to port programs from one station
> to another where people may not have used standard instrument naming
> conventions.  With this method there is only one generic instrument
> needed....the rest is contained within a variable.  My old instrument
> manager had well over a hundred instrument definitions in it because of
> opening so many others' VEE progs.  While that still happens, I actually
> only use 1 instrument defined in the instrument manager.
>      One thing to keep in mind though is that if you want to use
> component or panel drivers (I don't), this method, as described here anyway,
> won't work for you.

no indeed - only the Direct IO

> Is there a way so that I can automatically set the hostname for a complete
> interface, just like you can do manually in the Instrument Manager by
> clicking on the interface name?

ANOTHER METHOD very similar to Scott's- but which will work with
the panel/component drivers also, and may take a fair amount less
programming, is to use the built-in "instrument" functions.

As with Scott's example one would set the hostname and whatnot
on a per-instrument basis , but would not need the record that
Scott uses, using instead calls like:


or whatever.

Using the IO functions I believe is about exactly the same as programatically
accessing the IO manager. So you are using the IO manager, but
are doing it all programatically so that it can be changed dynamically
as needed.

Scott has a great alternative of course- but it does have the one
deficiency in that you can't use most drivers. Always good to have
multiple ways to do things!



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