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vrf Contributions (2nd attempt)

Question asked by bwalden on Sep 26, 2001

Barrie Walden wrote:

> Hi folks,
> The final para. in Wilfred Sears' recent message suggests that there be
> a means for reflector users to post "contributions", perhaps to a
> separate examples/solutions server or library.  I also feel this is a
> good idea.  Reading the question and answer dialogs is helpful but I'm
> sure many of us have great answers for questions nobody has asked.  It
> would be nice to have a means for sharing our handiwork.  It would also
> be nice to have others look for problems and suggest improvements.
> Wilfred suggests a special Agilent server or site to help implement this
> but perhaps we could start a little slower.  All we would need is to
> begin using a particular key word in the message subject to indicate
> that the message contained an unsolicited "solution".  Perhaps the
> subject line of messages of this type could begin with "Contribution: "
> followed by a few descriptive words (i.e. Contribution: Array search).
> Any thoughts?
> Barrie Walden

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