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FW: vrf HP 82350 driver problem on Win-NT

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 25, 2002
OK, here are some thoughts.  I may need a little more data.  I wrote the
device drivers for the 82350 card.
First, we had a fair number of teething problems with bad PCI Bios
implementations.  Those are mostly dying down now.  Besides, your note
implies that the card once worked on this system.  If not, please let me
The problem is most likely in the interoperability of Agilent and NI I/O
Libraries.  Labview is rather rude in that it assumes that the user has NI
hardware.  It then proceeds to install NI VISA on top of the HP VISA.  In
order to have interoperability, the two VISAs originally shared a set of
file names.  Recently, the VISA 2.0 implementations allowed them to coexist,
but it looks like you may have gotten caught in the transition.
Installshield works by looking at newer version numbers, followed by date
codes when determining whether to overwrite files.  Since NI and Agilent are
not tracking, the file version of overlapping files is indeterminate.
Worse, it will only remove a shared file if its usage count is 0.  So if
somebody else has marked the file, it will not go away.
Bottom line is that you need to purge all remnants of the old files.
Usually, you can do this by uninstalling everything, and then reinstalling.
Always answer "yes" when it asks if you want to remove shared files.  This
generally will bring things back.  However, sometimes you need to go in and
nuke stuff explicitly.
Try this, and if it doesn't work, write me directly and we can go over what
you may need to explicitly remove.
Best regards,
Jay Nemeth-Johannes
Test Systems Engineering
An independent T&M Services Company
Loveland, Colorado

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to the HW & Windows NT experts:
I had a HPIB card HP 82350 runing on Windows NT, using I/O config
version K.xx.xx. (Now updated to L.01.00.01)

After some reconfiguration (adding a LAN card, installing & deinstalling
LabView, and more ..) the card is no longer being recognized.

I assume it's a driver problem, since I get spurious messages like
"Hidden Console of WOW VDM gpib-vxd.dll.
An installable Virtual Device
Driver failed Dll initialization.".

I cannot find any such driver on my system though.
So, how to troubleshoot:
* are there tools ? (I/O config doesn't seem to help)
* how to look for active drivers on Win NT 4.0 ?
* how to look for interrupt sharing or similar ?

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