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vrf NuDAQ Data Acquisition Products and VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 27, 2001
Hi Ross,
Try to install one card at a time.
Some of  those automatic install and setup seems not be able
to handle two unknown cards at the same time.
I do not remember what happened (long time ago we found out)
but to install our GPIB and COM port cards now a days
we do it one at a time.

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Subject: vrf NuDAQ Data Acquisition Products and VEE

Good Morning,
Does anyone have any experience using NuDAQ data acquisition products from ADlink technologies?  I have installed two of their products, a 7233 digital input card and a 7234 digital output card, in my HP vectra system running Windows 2000 professional.  After having a difficult time installing the drivers I finally was able to install and run the VEE examples provided with the install CD.  I wrote some functions for the 7233 card and the system crashes hard and reboots.  The system error is "IRQ less than but not equal to" I have checked the system resources and it indicates that there are no IRQ conflicts.  Both of these cards are sitting on the PCI bus and are plug and play compatible.  Any help is appreciated.

Ross Bledsoe
Coin Acceptors Inc.

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