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vrf Acronyms any one ?

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 30, 2001
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"><HTML><HEAD><META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"><META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="MS Exchange Server version 5.5.2653.12"><TITLE>RE: vrf Acronyms any one ?</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><P><FONT SIZE=2>Allan,</FONT></P><P><FONT SIZE=2>Your point is well taken. One that I haven't seen on the VRF for a long</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>while is BRB. I guess in the early days of VEE it was far more prevelant.</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>It means of course, BIG RED BOX, which we know all too well.</FONT></P><P><FONT SIZE=2>Have a good weekend,</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>Mike</FONT></P><P><FONT SIZE=2>-----Original Message-----</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>From: Allan Strmbert (ERA) [<A HREF=""></A>]</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 2:48 AM</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>To: ''</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>Subject: vrf Acronyms any one ?</FONT></P><BR><P><FONT SIZE=2>Hi,</FONT></P><P><FONT SIZE=2>You who have English as your native language can stop read here or ? </FONT></P><P><FONT SIZE=2>Beware, you are writing for the whole wide world </FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>and sometimes you explain and add problems at the same time.</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>IOW(in other words:-) you using acronyms which might puzzle some of us.</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>The link below has help me to break the acronym code several times </FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2><A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A></FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>and helped me concentrate on the VEE problem instead.</FONT></P><P><FONT SIZE=2>That link did not fixed BSOD but IMOHO </FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>that must be IOW  "iron bar in the flywheel" </FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>from the old TTY days.</FONT></P><P><FONT SIZE=2>I like them (and learn of them) too </FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>but when I got stuck I sneak out via the link above.</FONT></P><P><FONT SIZE=2>BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>IMOHO( In My Own Humble Opinion )</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>IOW (In Other Words )</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>TTY (teletype)</FONT></P><P><FONT SIZE=2>I have found a lot of them in my vrf files library.</FONT></P><P><FONT SIZE=2>Regards,</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>Allan</FONT></P><BR><P><FONT SIZE=2>---------------------------------------------------------------------</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>This is the "vrf" maillist, managed by Majordomo.  To send messages to</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>this maillist, just email to "".  Subscriptions and</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>unsubscriptions are done through the address "".</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>If you need details, just send a message containing the text "help"</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>to "".</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2>---------------------------------------------------------------------</FONT></P></BODY></HTML>