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vrf Parallel Prot Example!

Question asked by mrgold on Feb 27, 2002
"Peter Wadenfalk (EMW)" <> wrote:
> Hello
> we have been developing calibration software in HP-Vee before and will
> continue to do so but now we also have LabView. When I installed LabView I
> encountered problems with talking to instruments via GPIB.
> Is there anybody out there who knows how to make both programs work on the
> same PC and the same GPIB board? I have a Agilent PCI-GPIB board and I want to
> use Agilents drivers and VISA.

The problem that you are running into is likely the incompatibility
between NI VISA and Agilent VISA. Odds are what happened is that you
installed NI VISA along with LabView- and NI VISA can't talk to
Agilent card.

However if you remove NI VISA and make sure that Agilent SICL and VISA
are in place (since you have Agilent card) you should be OK.


Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994
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