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vrf Fwd: Excel error 557

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 25, 2001
Hello Ashley,
             I see you have had no other response to this so I'll offer a
guess!  I have played with Excel quite a lot - normally the problem is that
it keeps 'hanging around' but this seems to be a start-up problem.  I would
examine the operating system differences - for example, if the laptop is
running WinNT ( which is not good news on any laptop - but that's another
topic ) then try logging in with administrative privileges.  If that works
then I'm afraid I have not worked out which property controls this but at
least it's a step in the right direction ( I'd like to know if you find
out! ).

If not WinNT ( and I'm presuming it's not Win2000 ), have you tried on a
another machine with the same operating system + service pack + networking
setup ( this last item can have an affect on how ActiveX objects are
started ).

In desperation, the last thing I'd try is to examine the COM setup - there
are some good pages on Microsoft's website on this last topic.

Hope that's of some help.


Mike Watts


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