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vrf Interacting wirh C program

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 25, 2001
Do you have the original C code?

You could modify the C program to be a DDE server or use activex and
pass the data that way.
If the C program has the ability to send data over the net you could
also use the socket command.

> Alejandro Islas wrote:
> Hi all,
>    I need to pass some data results from a C based program to VEE so
> that I can store them on my dataset. I had use the program execute
> objet to call c programs from my VEE test. However, I thinks its
> impossible to retrieve results to VEE through it. Do I need to use a
> dll like the manual 49 example???Is there another solution??? I
> would like to solve this without making big changes to the C program,
> cause I didnt do it. Examples or more information  on dll's will
> really help me.
>                   Thanks in advice,
>              Alejandro Islas Lpez
> Kb/TEL Telecomunicaciones Mxico

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