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vrf Passing char *value to a DLL

Question asked by VRFuser on May 1, 2002
I'm having a little difficulty passing a char *value from VEE to a DLL I
wrote in C.

Conceptually I would imagine that this is little different than the example
named 'manual49.vee' in which an array of type double is used.

Recall the function call from manual49.c:

DLLEXPORT long myFunc(long arraySize, double *array)

My function is very similar:

DLLEXPORT int bfEncrypt(char *Data, const int DataLength, char *Key, int

>From VEE I pass some simple text to *Data (i.e. "Phil") and no problem. 
However, VEE complains about the size 16 text array that I attemt to pass to
*Key.  The exact response from VEE is:

"Value must be a scalar"

But recall from the example manual49.c an array of type double was passed
with no issue.  What am I missing?


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