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AW: vrf Using single VEE version to run on diff. H/W

Question asked by VRFuser on May 1, 2002

actually I use a compiled VEE measurement program which runs simultaenously
on three different computers. When starting, the program reads an
initialization file with names of actual hardware, which is different on
each place. The program uses generalized calls to functions e.g. set supply
voltage. This functions uses the information from the initialization file to
switch to the right command and sends this command to the right hardware
The VXE-File comes from one single place on a network drive, however the
initialization file is on a specific drive on each computer.
Hope this helps,

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> Folks -

> Here's what I would like to do -

> I have a VEE package running on 1 machine using say an HP-XYZ analyser. I
> would like to run the same software on another machine which uses an
> HP-ABC analyser(different analyser).

> Could anyone help me achieve this without having to change the code
> completely???

>   Deependra Gangakhedkar

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